Persona-Knowledge Dialogue Multi-Context Retrieval and Enhanced Decoding Methods

오민식(Alexa AI), 김민상(카카오엔터프라이즈)

Customized Chat Grounding Persona and Knowledge Workshop at COLING



Persona and Knowledge dual context opendomain chat is a novel dialogue generation task introduced recently (Jang et al., 2021). While Persona and Knowledge is each interesting context of open-domain dialogue, the combination of both has not been well studied. We tackle Persona-Knowledge identification and response generation tasks in this paper. We design an informed data augmentation strategy that is compatible with neural Q&A retrieval models. With the augmented data, we perform permutative Persona-Knowledge evaluation and successive Persona search fine-tuning. Furthermore, we perform dialogue generation with various decoding techniques and illustrate crucial elements. We achieve SOTA across official metrics with 93.99% Grounding accuracy average and 23.62 SacreBLEU score.